Planina Kuhinja – Krn

Starting point: Planina Kuhinja (991 m)

Destination: Krn (2244 m)

Time of walking: 3 h 10 min

Difficulty: easy marked way

Altitude difference: 1253 m

Access to starting point:

We drive to Kobarid or Kamno pri Tolminu and continue driving towards village Vrsno. We continue driving from Vrsno towards Village Krni and then towards Kuhinja mountain pasture. We park on a parking lot couple of minutes before a cottage on Kuhinja mountain pasture.

Path description:

From the hut, we take the path towards Krn. At the beginning we cross a mountain road that is in a pretty bad shape several times. We traverse the pasture Slapnik and are walking over grassy slopes. On the height of 1400 m a path from pasture Zaslap (here is the end of the mountain road) joins ours. Our path is now rising in turns over hot south slopes all the way to Gomiščkov shelter. In the meantime two roads from Drežnica join with ours. From the shelter there is just a 10 min walk to the top. On the top, there is a beautiful view of the lake on the north side. All the slopes of Krn have been dig through in the 1. World War. Tunnels and similar things are still visible from the road.

More pictures of mountain trail get to the link below:

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