Breginj – Muzec (Musc)

Breginj-Muzec (Musc).






Starting point: Breginj (550 m)

Destination: Muzec (Musc) (1612 m)

Time of walking: 2 h 55 min

Difficulty: partly demanding marked way

Altitude difference: 1062 m

Access to starting point:

In the center Kobarid turn left and take the trees to drive in the old Selo, turn left and straight to Breginj. In Breginju at the church, turn right when you reach the forest roads.

Path description:

From Breginj be reversed to wooded road past the mill, which is before the earthquake žagal firewood now they have renovated as a monument. Continue on the road, which, after 15 minutes offs and continued after path that continues against Muscu. We arrive at the crossing, which goes against the plasma to Brezje (Italy) continued the way, when going over a route that goes to drinking water (klatnici) continue the journey through the ridge. When we get to the top Musca has a nice view of the Julian Alps and the Gulf of Trieste. Musca under the bivouac.

More pictures of mountain trail get to the link below:

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