Svino – Matajur







Starting point: Svino (250m)

Destination: Monte Mataiur/Matajur (1642m)

Time of walking: 3 h 45 min

Difficulty: easy marked way

Altitude difference: 1392 m

Access to starting poin:

Access from Tolmin: On Tolmina pass against Kobarid and the newly constructed bypass, the right-hand passing Kobarid drive straight toward the center. Just before the center Kobarid left offs road to the village švino. Exit marked! Follow this road to the place where this is the only begin climb. Parkiramo in the parking lot along the road. If we continue with the journey to the village švino we gained anything because there can not be parking.
Access from Bovec: On Bovca pass against Kobarid and when we get to bypass than Kobarid turn right to the center Kobarid. At the heart of the Kobarid right offs road to the border crossing Robič. Here, continue straight (slight left) against Tolminu a few tens of meters to the place where the right-offs on Road in the village švino. Next follows the description of Mountains.

Path description:

The parking lots continue on the road on which we have parking. For good five minutes of walking, however švino you get to where we see the tags for Matajur left, the right Sužid. Here we continue between the houses left by neopaznimi marks for Matajur. If we are not sure which path is right someone is fighting to ask if we have this option. The right way is slightly more left and we will soon pass through the pastures of houses leads to what is the way in the woods. Next Saturday markings more frequent and also orientation is easier. The route then start strmeje us climb and after about half an hour walk leads to a broader kolovoz that comes from the village Sužid. Next to some time vzpenjamo Monday kolovozu, which has some razpotij is a well-marked path. Before propadajočo old military bajto us on the path to focus Matajur left up. Here kolovoz changed sharply in the military mulatjero to us on a rather steep slope leads to less steep slopes. The path then leads us to the newly constructed forest roads which only cut across. On the other side of the road is povzpnejo few steps in front of them zagledamo Pastoral huts on the mountain svinjskog. On the mountain we see signs of a mountain Idrsko left, right meadow Sužid. Labels for Matajur is not a path towards a marked Matajurju. Kočami find the path between the mountain and only to be made at less subdued dolinici moderate upward. Despite the fact that the route marked the cities of bad ponekod visible and overgrown. After about 15 minutes walk from the mountain come to a reservoir for water and in its vicinity observed climbing signposts. Here are focusing straight in the direction of Matajurja Monday still visible a poorly marked stezice. The path then leads us through the overgrown grass for which connect a nice way Shoji, who comes from the village Avsa or Livek. Proceed right and the way to be moderate climbs us then soon lead to the direction in which we continue down the left in the direction of Matajurja. Only a few steps forward but we get to the crest of the border between Slovenia and Italy. Here the path turns right and continue to climb for a broad ridge zložnem. This route, which goes for all of us beautiful views tracked to the top of Matajurja that is already seen in front of you.

More pictures of mountain trail get to the link below:

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