Avsa – Matajur







Starting point: Avsa (860 m)

Destination: Monte Mataiur/Matajur (1642 m)

Time of walking: 2 h 30 min

Difficulty: easy marked way

Altitude difference: 782 m

Access to starting point:

The road Kobarid – Tolmin in the village of Idrsko right (vice versa left) shed asphalted road towards the village Livek. Take this road and follow it to the village Livek. Here are focusing right up towards the village of Avsa. Next we pass by the beginning of Avsa village, where we see labels for the right Matajur. Smaller parking lot is located just a few meters from a small village near the crossings.

Path description:

The parking lot is right across the street to the poor, which is about to change in kolovoz. Kolovoz then begins a moderate climb while passing a greater number of decayed byte. Kolovoz is then converted into pedestrian path that the short time vzpne sharply while crosses pasture fence. Steep discounts and then gradually the way for all of us less poraščenem slope. The path then leads us on the forest road where the shed down the right road to the Pastoral cottage on the mountain Idrski. It may, however, continue directly to the top of the mountain on the path that offers us all better view. Somewhat to our road leads to the crossing, where we continue straight and immediately on the left side of the road we see a cottage called Konjarska absorptive. To it, we have only a few steps upswing. Of the huts on the mountain continued to Matajurju. After a few ten-step path leads us to a direction on the way. You leave the forest road and is focusing on the right foot path in the direction of Matajurja. The way forward is for a short time and drop us after a few minutes again brought to the forest road, where we continue to the right. Next, follow the wide, in part by grass grew road. After a few minutes walking on the road, only a few of koritom with water, which we see on the road is right up offs foot path to Matajur. Take the path that climbs the slope of lightly poraščenem. Slightly to the path of interesting vzpne Monday smooth rock slabs, and for the re-crosses the forest road. The way forward is still moderate climbs while passing smaller spring, which in the dry days presahne. Few continue to come to a crossroads where we join the path from the village švino. And continue straight path, which is moderate climbs us then soon lead to the direction in which we continue down the left in the direction of Matajurja. Only a few steps forward but we get to the crest of the border between Slovenia and Italy. Here the path turns right and continue to climb for a broad ridge zložnem. This route, which goes for all of us beautiful views tracked to the top of Matajurja that is already seen in front of you. Avsa – Idrska Mountain 1:10. Idrska Mountain – Matajur 1:20.

More pictures of mountain trail get to the link below:


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